Information about the OUV validation and online quality monitoring

The quality of the offline surface UV product is ensured by operational validation and online monitoring services provided by FMI. These services perform two different quality control mechanisms:

Ground-based measurement sites used for OUV validation:

Site name Country Latitude Longitude Instrument Data provider
Jokioinen Finland 60.81 N 23.50 E Brewer MkIII FMI
Sodankylä Finland 67.37 N 26.63 E Brewer MkII
Thessaloniki Greece 40.63 N 22.96 E Brewer MkIII AUTH
Boulder USA 40.13 N 105.24 W Brewer MkIV NEUBrew
Niwot Ridge USA 40.03 N 105.53 W Brewer MkIV
Houston USA 29.72 N 95.34 W Brewer MkIV
Bondville USA 40.05 N 88.37 W Brewer MkIV
Raleigh USA 35.73 N 78.68 W Brewer MkIV
Fort Peck USA 48.31 N 105.10 W Brewer MkIV
Ushuaia Argentina 54.82 S 68.32 W SUV-100 NSF
Summit Greenland 72.58 N 38.45 W SUV-150B
San Diego USA 32.75 N 117.18 W SUV-100
Barrow USA 71.30 N 156.78 W SUV-100