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Information on Metop-b/GOME-2 products and measurement configurations of GOME-2 instruments onboard Metop-A and B satellites

At the 15th of July GOME-2/Metop-A started to operate on a reduced swath with of 960 km with an increased spatial resolution (approx. 40 by 40 km). The monthly narrow scanning mode of approximately one day was replaced by a 320 km swath scanning for GOME-2/Metop-A only. GOME-2/Metop-B operates on a nominal wide swath at 1920 km without interruption by a monthly "narrow-swath" day. Note that the 29 days repeat cycle for both instruments will still include the monthly calibration sequence at which two nadir-static (NS) orbits with no scanning are followed by one orbit for which polarisation measurements are transmitted at high spectral resolution and no polarisation correction is applied to main channel data (PMDRAW).

The operational Metop-B/GOME-2 offline products are available from the local archives and EUMETSAT Data Center (UMARF). More information is available at the offline access page.

The operational dissemination of the Metop-B/GOMe-2 near-real time products via EUMETCast started at the 15th July together with the start of tandem operations. The products are the same as those from Metop-A, currently distributed on EUMETCast, and were added to the existing Metop-A data flows.

Near real-time Absorbing Aerosol Index (NAR)
Example filename:

Near real-time Ozone Profiles (NOP)
Example filenames:

Near real-time Total Column (NTO)
Example filenames:

The products will be distributed via EUMETCast, on the same channel as for the products from Metop-A:
Channel: SAF-Europe
PID: 500
Multicast address:

To register to receive these products via EUMETCast and for more information, please contact EUMETSAT User Service Helpdesk

The products are available also via the WMO GTS.

Bulletin identifier for total products:

RegionRTHCountryTTAAiiCCCCCode Form

Bulletin identifier for the ozone profile products:

RegionRTHCountryTTAAiiCCCCCode Form